Tree Removal In Urban Areas

In general, property owners have the discretion to remove trees from their properties subject to certain provisions, however it's important to get an evaluation done by a tree specialist prior to getting any work done in order to avoid possible legal action. It's also important to consider the effects of tree removal on the local neighbourhood.

On 4/9/2015 the general protection rules for trees within the urban environment (as per the Resource Management Act) were removed. However certain trees or groups of trees are protected as specified under district plans. In most NZ towns and cities there are rules to protect certain significant trees from being removed.

There remain a number of methods to protect trees in urban areas, including:

Regulatory methods

  • District rules in the Resource Management Act plans
  • Resource consent conditions
  • Consent notices
  • Regulatory provisions
  • Regulatory economic instruments

Voluntary methods

  • Education
  • Encouragement

Where to find out more information about the removal of trees in urban areas?


Auckland Tree Removal

Trees in Auckland may be protected due to their historical significance, age, or cultural value, or topreserve the ecosystem around them by preventing erosion (such as coastal Pohutukawa trees).

Wellington Tree Removal

As a general rule trees may be removed from council land when they are diseased, dead, or of significant danger to people or property. Trees may not be removed simply to preserve or create views, to reduce shade, or because of roosting birds.

Trees on private property are the owner's responsibility, however special rules apply to protected trees.

Christchurch Tree Removal

Trees are identified as being significant because they have particular botanical, heritage, amenity, landscape, cultural, ecological and/or environmental values.

A significant tree on private property may be removed if it is dead, has a loss of structural integrity where the defects cannot be rectified, or does not comply with airport protection rules.

Queenstown Tree Removal

In the Queenstown Lakes District trees are an important and valuable community asset that the Council works hard to protect

  • Queenstown Lakes District Council Tree Policy specifies those principles, policies and objectives regarding QLDC ongoing protection and management of Council owned trees within the District.
  • Royal Tree Tree Removal Queenstown. Safe and professional tree removal in and around Queenstown.